The History of Pizza

The history of pizza is a long one. Initiated by Greeks to the Egyptians, carrying forward by Persians to Indians, there have been several diversities of pizza presented throughout history. Naans, plakountas and many more early examples that can be considered as ancestors of modern pizza, but there is still a debate about the initial existence and whether they can be considered as ascendants of pizza at all.

According to experts, Naples is the actual birthplace of pizza. The word “Pizza” also originated from the same place. Initially a recipe for poor people, the real pizza was sold in streets with multiple toppings. The first Italian Pizza restaurant was established in 1738 as the dish gained popularity, especially for those tourists who came to visit Naples, particularly for food.

The Story Pizza in the United States:

In 1889, the making of modern pizza took place for the Queen of Italy. The topping includes only tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella indicating the colors of the Italian flag.

In the United States, the birth of pizza began with the arrival of Italian immigrants in New York. 1905 was the year when the first pizzeria was opened at a place known as Little Italy due to the presence of the majority of Italians. It was created in traditional New York style by using coal, oven and thin crust, the first introduction of New York Pizza. Like a chain reaction, all pizza makers got the training of this recipe and spread the taste beyond the boundaries, still flourishing till date with many re-known multinational brands and local as well.   

The recipe also grew in other metropolitan, and people witnessed a sudden rise in the demand with different tastes and flavors.

In the late 20th century, California introduced its own brand. This can be considered as the return of old-fashioned pizza styles which were the speciality of Naples, famous for various toppings also of ingredients like cheese, artichoke, vegetables, and less fatty elements so that to provide an edge of ” healthy and hygienic” diet. Mr Ed Ladou was the person who invented all these tasty concepts who was hired by a Spanish restaurant to create new trends in the market. In the late ’80s, Ladou left that restaurant and began a partnership in California Pizza where he invented the famous BBQ chicken flavour that turned out to be a game-changer in Pizza Industry.   

In Conclusion: The Last Slice

Regardless of where your pizza devotions lie, pizza is one of the most broadly devoured suppers in the United States. Furthermore, the hardware used to make pizza has the same amount of effect as the fixings utilized as far as creating a quality pie.