Catering Brisbane: Choosing the perfect menu for an event

Planning an event? You would have already decided on the decorations and the venue, but have you considered the menu? While planning an event the menu is not always the top priority for people. There is so much else to consider as well. However, once you are done with a few formalities, it’s time to sit down and decide on a menu. For that you would have to consider the best catering in Brisbane. Make sure to keep the following things in mind when choosing a menu for the event.

Jot down all your information in one place

Before you go about hiring a catering company, you should have some idea regarding your own event. Make sure you have everything written down. From the number of guests that would show up to the venue of the place. The date and time of the event have to be considered as well. The food that you choose to serve should complement the whole event in order to make it a success. The location of the venue would impact your decision to have the food cooked live or be prepared in another place and then sent to the venue. If you already have a theme in mind, make sure you let that be known as well. When the caterer has access to all of the above mentioned information they would be able to suggest the best menu for your event. Keep in mind that good food means happy guests.

Start making a list of caterers in Brisbane

When it comes to making a list of caterers, make sure that you find out about different catering companies. Ask friends or family. You can even search for local caterers on the internet. Make sure you choose someone who is known not only for their scrumptious food but also for their good service. Don’t hesitate to taste the sample of their food. It would help you get some idea of what you would be serving your guest on the day of the event.

Consider your budget

When talking to a catering service make sure you ask them about additional costs. This would include service charges and transportation charges. When it’s time to consider the complete budget, these costs have to be included as well. Choose a caterer who falls within your budget. However, if you choose someone high end, you can tweak the menu a bit and have it done in what you are planning. At least you would be offering good food if not a great deal of variety.

Do think about your guests

A catering company usually has a flexible menu. This is because they already know that there are certain items which are a hit and which one might be a miss. Get the catering company complete information about the guest who would be present on the event. Their age group would have a major impact on deciding the menu. If you are catering to a group of teens you might need to find something which appeals to their taste buds. On the other hand corporate events have more distinguished guests and the menu should be set accordingly.

Do keep the above mentioned things in mind when looking for catering Brisbane.