Lunch Hervey Bay

When deciding where to have lunch in Hervey Bay, there are many amazing choices you can make. You can choose to have lunch at restaurants that overlook the bay with spectacular views where the excellent food competes with the scenery outside. Alternatively, you can choose to find a remote location to lay out a spread. There are many different dishes to try depending on your choice of cuisine and the kind of food you want, like deliciously prepared seafood. 

1.         Enjoying seafood

Many restaurants with great bay views offer delicious seafood like scallops and different shellfish that, at some places, you can get by the bucket full. There are seafood platters to share while you watch the water sparkling off the bay. Hervey Bay is known for its excellent seafood, so this is always a perfect choice since there is a large variety, including all kinds of fish and shellfish. 

2.         Places for breakfast lunch and dinner

You can find places that begin serving at breakfast and often also serve breakfast all day. These are family-friendly places where you are always sure to find delicious comfort food and large platters. They are always the excellent choice for stopping by for a quick bite at lunchtime.

3.         Beach bars

Many people enjoy having lunch right on the beach. You can find unique beach bars offering all kinds of lunch specials and delicious fresh seafood. If you like having your lunch at the beach eating at a beach bar is an excellent idea because you get full service, you don’t have to bring along food like you would if you were having a picnic on the beach and you can enjoy a combination of food and drinks. 

4.         Having lunch at a hotel restaurant

You might like to enjoy a more upscale lunch and choose from one of the hotels along the beach. There are restaurants with balconies overlooking the bay serving all kinds of delicious food, including barbecue ribs and burgers. Many hotels also offer lunch specials knowing that people want a lighter meal at lunchtime and don’t want just to eat but also enjoy spectacular views over Hervey Bay. 

5.         Shopping and lunch

If you enjoy shopping, then you can find shopping centres with many different stores. Among the stores, you’ll also find restaurants where you can relax and have lunch. These are not your usual food court places but restaurants with full service offering you a wide variety of different dishes and fresh seafood.  You can also find places to eat offering lunch specials knowing that people have been walking from store to store and are now hungry and ready to enjoy a good lunch.

6.         Having a picnic

There are many lovely parks all around, and you can choose to picnic while enjoying nature. Just buy all you need and select the park you like the best. Many of them have special picnic spots. Then just spread a blanket, and you’ll see that your appetite is better in the great outdoors. If you prefer to combine an all beach day you can choose to take your picnic with you to the beach. Enjoy sunbathing and swimming and then a delicious picnic lunch while the sand all around gleams and the waves come rushing to shore. Some of these ideas are just ideal for a lunchtime meal.